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For Sale
Mesick & Johnson, Ltd. is not a large operation.  Therefore, we do not often have Beverens for sale.  But from time to time we are able to offer some very nice individuals to the discerning Beveren fancier.  It is our hope that anyone who purchases Beverens from us will take the time to learn all they can about the breed and join us in the great fun of traveling around to shows and meeting new friends.  The best part for us is seeing our customers succeed in both breeding and showing our stock.  We admit that we have even been beaten on the show table with bunnies we have sold to other folks.  We salute them for having done such a fine job caring for their Beverens and planfully breeding them for improved offspring.

If we don't list anything offered for sale on this site at the time of your visit, please contact us via e-mail with your request.  We may still be able to assist you in obtaining a good quality Beveren.

Terms and Conditions
It is our preference that customers get to see the Beverens they are interested in before purchasing them and that they not have to be shipped great distances, but we know this is sometimes not possible.  Therefore, if you would like to purchase stock from us sight unseen and have it shipped to you, we can make arrangements to do so.  You, as the buyer, will be charged shipping, insurance, veterinary,  and animal carrier expenses where applicable over and above the quoted price for the Beverens.  Rabbits and any additional charges must be paid for prior to shipment.  We guarantee our Beverens as represented and insure them for safe arrival.